In Dec 2020 Rone released a paper craft model of one of his installations from the Empire project. You can now build your own mini installation.


This is product requires assembly.

We recommend to start with the largest items first.

Use the numbers as a guide of where tabs should go (eg: 104 connects to 104 )

Double sided tape or a hot glue gun works well to keep the tabs in place.

Use a ruler to crease folds for a cleaner edge.

Tweezers and a pin can help you with the finer tabs.

Bond the walls to the heaver card supplied for a stronger finish. 

The lid and base of the box can be trimmed to proved strength to the ceiling and floor.

Continue to customise your model beyond what is in the box.

Use a dirty paint brush to add texture, add ash as dust, add small led lights.

Please share you creation on social media with #ronepapercraft