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Paper Craft Model - The Sun Room

Paper Craft Model - The Sun Room

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During Melbourne's lockdown I wasn’t able to continue painting or building works due to legal restrictions. So I worked on this idea that I have wanted to execute for sometime.

A Paper Craft Model of 'The Sun Room' from my EMPIRE Exhibition.

This is a DIY product.

This is not a simple click together, it will take a few hours to put together well.
You can add you own extra details to this model to customise it.

you will need:

-glue or double sided tape.


-tweezers & pin for finer areas

-sharp blade (most is already cut and creased, but you will need to trim the final box)

-black tape (to join final edges of surrounding box)

Final size: 28 cm x 18cm x 23cm
(about the size of a shoe box)

looks great on a book shelf.

More tips here:

We recommend to start with the largest items first.

Use the numbers as a guide of where tabs should go (eg: 104 connects to 104 )

Double sided tape or a hot glue gun works well to keep the tabs in place.

Use a ruler to crease folds for a cleaner edge.

Tweezers and a pin can help you with the finer tabs.

Bond the walls to the heaver card supplied for a stronger finish. 

The lid and base of the box can be trimmed to proved strength to the ceiling and floor.

Finish the box edges with a black fabric tape.

Continue to customise your model beyond what is in the box.

Use a dirty paint brush to add texture, add ash as dust, add small led lights.

Please share you creation on social media with #ronepapercraft



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